About Gail

 I have been teaching research methods for many years–mostly in MPA programs. I have also worked at all levels of government. My most significant research experiences were with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO). I currently teach part-time, write, garden and raise chickens.

My book, Research Methods for Public Administrators (3rd edition) has just been published by M.E. Sharpe, Inc. I think the book reflects the best of what I know and  my tendency to bring in controversial political issues to highlight challenges in conducting public sector research.

A book, however, is static while political controversy is dynamic. Each has 5 minutes of our attention and then is quickly replaced by the next controversy. This blog enables me to keep the discussions current as I pull research from today’s  news.

Contact me at: johnsong62@gmail.com

For fun: visit my other blog: Rebels By Bus

My most recent book: Trailblazing Governors has just been released and I have a website to support it. check it out at:Trailblazing Governors

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