Research Studies

Report on Chemical in Children’s Products: Washington State, Washington Toxics Coalition:Report: Chemicals Revealed

Report on Child Poverty by
Children In Poverty: Trends, Consequences, and Policy Options, 2009

One Recession, Two Americas, PEW Foundation, September 2010
One Recession Report

Building a Better America – One Wealth Quintile at a Time
Michael I. Norton (Harvard Business School) and Dan Ariely (Duke University). Forthcoming in Perspectives on Psychological Science
An interesting study that looks at American perceptions about income distribution,

U.S. Census, Poverty Report, 2009.

Cash for Clunkers: a study of its impact.

A Congressional Budget Office report on Social Security has useful information and is a good example of policy analysis as it looks at 30 possible options for reform:

A study released by the U.S. Sentencing Commision found that black and Hispanic men are more likely to receive longer prison sentences than their white counterparts since the Supreme Court loosened federal sentencing rules.  This study is a great example of multiple regression and explains the basics of that analytical technique.

My favorite classic study using multiple methods to examine whether the glass ceiling in the federal governnment.  Katherine C. Naff, “Through the Glass Ceiling,” Public Administration Review 1994.

An interesting combination of ethnography with cost-benefit analysis: Doug Henry et al. “Ethnography in Evaluation: Uncovering Hidden Costs and Benefits in Child Mental Health”, Human Organization, Fall 2007.

A good example: presenting descriptive statistics to tell the story about world poverty: Fast Facts: The Face of Poverty, U.N. Millennium Project

Here is another report on Tax Expenditures:  How Big Are Total Individual Income Tax Expenditures, and Who Benefits from Them?, 2008

Here is a 2005 GAO report on tax expenditures. It provides background, definitions, and projections into the future:

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