These PowerPoints are based on the 2nd edition of the textbook. I will be uploading the new PowerPoints for the 3rd edition shortly. Stay tuned.

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Basic Concepts

Chapter 2 more Progam Evaluation and the Logic Model

Chapter 2: Modified by Dr. Mario Rivera:Rivera version 552 Gail Johnson on Eval methods

Chapter 3 Questions

Chapter 4 Measurement

Chapter 5 Research Design: Xs and Os Framework

Chapter 6 Other Research Approaches

Chapter 7 Data Collection Overview


Chapter 7 more Data Collection Toolkit I

Chapter 8 Data Collection II Focus Groups

Chapter 9 Writing Survey Questions

Chapter 9 more:  Data Collection III surveys

Chapter 10: Sampling

Chapter 10 More: Sampling Size and Error

Chapter 11:  Planning the Data Analysis Strategy

Chapter 11 more: Qualitative Data Analysis

Dr. Rivera’s Chapter 11: Rivera version ch-11-qualitative-analysis

Chapter 12: Descriptive Data Analysis

Chapter 12 more: Analyzing Survey Data

Chapter 13: Exploring Relationships

Chapter 13 more: Measures of Association

Chapter 14 Data Analysis: Regression

Chapter 15 Inferential Statistics

Chapter 16 Communicating Research Results

Chapter 17:  Resesarch Process Revisited

Chapter 17 more: Intersection of Research and Politics

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