Alternative Views About Obesity

Abigail Saguy, a UCLA professor, just published a book, “What’s Wrong with Fat? In a UCLA story, Meg Sullivan states viagra sales online that the author “argues that ‘obesity’ is far from a neutral scientific fact. Rather, it is a discrete perspective-what sociologists call a ‘frame’–that draws attention to certain aspects of a situation while obscuring others. ‘The very term ‘obesity’ suggests that weight over a certain amount is pathological,’ say Saguy….’This perspective shuts out other interpretations of fat as, say, potentially healthy, an aspect of beauty, or even as a basis for civil rights claims resulting from discrimination, which has been well documented.” The author also notes that debates about body size “do not take place on an even playing viagra generic name field. Saguy contends that powerful interests

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benefit from drawing attention to the ‘crisis,’ including the International Obesity Task force (a lobbying group funded by pharmaceutical companies), obesity researchers and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Saguy does recognize the association between higher is there a generic cialis body mass and Type 2 diabetes, but notes: “It’s not clear whether obesity per se causes diabetes, whether diabetes causes obesity or whether both conditions are caused by a third factor, such as poor nutrition, stress or genetic factors,” she says. See article: Public Obsession with obesity may be more dangerous than obesity itself”: Click here Then there is the “obesity paradox”, which, according to the Wall Street Journal in a January 1, 2013 article wrote: “studies have shown that people with heart disease , diabetes and other chronic health conditions tend to live loner if they carry excess pounds even though weight is associated with heightened risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes and several cancers which in turn raise the risk of premature death.” They quote a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association, that people who are considered overweight “have a 6% lower risk of death than people whose BMI is in the normal range…” People considered in the first stage of obesity (BMI 30 to 34.9) “had a 5% lower risk o dying, but those figures weren’t considered statistically significant.” No one knows why having a few extra pounds appears to be a protective factor. Some suggest it is explained, at least in part, because BMI is not a good measure because it does not differentiate between muscle and fat. Nor does BMI show how fat is distributed. “Excess belly fat seems to be particularly toxic, while extra fat in th buttokcs and lgs may have a protetive effect, research suggests.” See Wall Street Journal article: click here Six month earlier, Reuters published an article saying, “Surprisingly, researchers found that overweight and obese people who get diagnosed generic cialis online with the blood sugar disorder tend to live longer than buy viagra online their leaner peers.” It went on to note the study’s findings: “The death rate was 1.5 percent per year among overweight and obese people, compared to 2.8 percent per year among their trimmer peers.” See Reuters article: click here Reuters also reported on the January 1, 2013 JAMA research: click here  

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