A Reminder: Headlines Might Not Really Tell the Story

The NY Times led with a headline “Exxon Mobil Earnings Disappoint,” (April 27, 2012). stop calls from canadian pharmacy Just cialis half life glancing at the headline, you might think think the oil corporation had done poorly or had not made much of a profit. However, that is not the case although the data is a bit confusing. Yes, they viagra triangle bars say their net income dropped 11 percent for the quarter. They posted a $9.45 billion profit as compared to $10.7 a year earlier. However, their revenue rose 8.8 percent to $124.1 billion. The “disappointment” was becauseExxon did not meet Wall Street expectations of: 1) earing $124.8 billion in revenues, and 2) the price per side effects viagra pills share was only $2 rather than an expected $2.10. Most of the article was about how well Shell was doing. Not really about public administration, but it is a good reminder that just glancing at headlines–as I often do–can be misleading. Find NY viagra o cialis Times Article here  

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