Tracking Government Subsidies to Businesses

The New York Times published the results of 10 months of research looking at state, local and county taxpayer money that goes to businesses.
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Government Subsidies to Businesses

“The Times identified 48 companies that have received more than $100 million in state grants since 2007. Some 5,000 other companies have received more than $1 million in recent years.”

Read the article here: Companies Seek Tax Deal
Read the methodology:

The New York Times used a variety of sources to assemble an extensive database of local spending on business incentives. It found that local and state governments give up more than $80 billion a year to companies.

The Times included incentives of many types: cash grants, corporate income tax credits, sales tax exemptions or refunds, property tax abatements, low-cost loans or loan guarantees and free services like worker training. The database does not reflect the savings businesses receive in states with minimal or no corporate income tax or sales tax.

The $80 billion figure is based on more than 100 records requests to state agencies nationwide and on an examination of numerous government reports. The Times identified 1,950 incentives programs and compiled figures on benefits used by businesses in the most recent year available.

Since many state programs The Times examined did not identify the names of specific beneficiaries, examples of companies were obtained from several sources, including Investment Consulting Associates and Good Jobs First, a non-profit policy center that focuses on economic development. (For some of those examples, the dollar figures reflect the initial award; it is not known whether the entire benefit will be used.)

Sources: State agencies, government reports, Investment Consulting Associates, Good Jobs First, company financial filings, Equilar.
State budget figures from Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and the National Association of State Budget Officers.

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